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If you like blue magic, get Quina before Gizamaluke's Grotto on Disc 1 and make sure s/he learns Might Guard and Limit Glove. Even if you don't like cheesing Limit Glove blue magic is fantastic support. Don't be ashamed to grind for the spell Night -- with Insomniac support it's outright broken against almost all enemies and most bosses.

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Grinding against Grand Dragons is also an excellent way to level up Freya's Dragon Crest. Make sure to attach the Level Up ability, to characters you're grinding, it'll make things go a little faster. You're at a fine level though, btw. I've finished Disc 3 in the low to mid-40s, and Memoria is completely doable in the 50s. I've managed to beat.

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Vivi's Best Addon - Ribbon. Vivi's best addon, the best addon for all mages, and arguably the best general addon for any character is the Ribbon. The Ribbon gives +3 Magic, +1 Strength, +1 Spirit, +1 Defense, +1 Magic Defense, +5 Evasion and +4 Magic Evasion. It also absorbs Water and Wind and halves damage from Fire, Ice, Thunder and Holy.

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In Disc 3 when the party obtains the Blue Narciss ship, put Quina into your party so that he/she can learn "Lv 5 Death". This Blue Magic ability can be learn.

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Excalibur 2 Walkthrough: Disc 1. Prima Vista. Skip the opening FMV (in fact, skip all of the FMV's). Choose Zidane's name. Begin the first battle. Masked Man (Baku) HP: 188. Let Zidane steal a Mage Masher. After you've stolen it, just attack until you win.

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ff9 best place to level up disc 1; what is a scouting report in baseball; small hawk feather tattoo; ... (hypotension) while you're lying down and again shortly after you stand up. Fig. Classically, patients affected with Addison's disease develop weakness, anorexia, electrolyte imbalances: decreased sodium and chloride with increased serum.

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Senrei Jan 2, 2014 @ 9:33am. Once you get Degenerator on Quistis, you can get a bunch of levels really quickly on The Island Closest to Hell and The Island Closest to Heaven. Quists can 1 hit single monsters with that ability. If you're going to go the Degenerator route to level up and choose The Island Closest to Heaven, set your battle speed. Level Up - Level Up is also not 100% necessary, but will speed up the process. Your party setup does not matter as long as you have Quina with you. As your goal is to level up everyone in your party, periodically changing out members is recommended. This will also contribute to the dragon kills required to power up Freya's Dragon's Crest ability.

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Take this as an opportunity to level up your party. Park the airship right in front of the entrance to Daguerreo. advertisement Equip your party members with anything that will reduce Thunder elem.

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FF IX is one of the greatest games of all time. It is FF creator Sakaguchis favorite in the series. Its a deliberate love letter to FF I-V with tons of references and easter eggs towards these games. The world, characters, tone and humor is about as magical and beautiful as classic Final Fantasy gets.

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X Rosetta Ring [R] given to you by Queen Stella for submitting 10 coins. X Rebirth Ring [R] win the Card Tournament. X Yeti Card [C] to the left of the item shop in the Treno Slums. X Tonberry.

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